How long does the promotion run for and when do I need to get my claim in by?

To participate, you must purchase a participating product between November 14, 2022 and 11:59PM AEDT on December 31, 2022

Then, you must complete the purchase verification process and submit a valid claim form with your sales invoice or receipt for verification within 14 days of the date of purchase and by no later than January 14, 2023.

How do I enter the “Intel® Cashback“ Promotion?

Simply purchase a participating product from any participating Australian stockist (between 14/11/2022 and 31/12/2022), then:

    • visit www.intelcashback.com.au (“Offer Site”);
    • follow the prompts to the claim form;
    • input the requested details, including your mobile phone number, valid email address, the details of the qualifying device you have purchased and the participating Australian retailer of purchase;
    • upload your proof of purchase issued by the participating Australian retailer when prompted; and then
    • submit the fully completed claim form within 14 days of the date of purchase and by no later than January 14, 2023.

What are the participating products?

Intel® Evo™ laptop, powered by 11th Gen or selected 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor = $30 cashback 

Intel® Evo™ laptop, powered by 11th Gen or selected 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor = $50 cashback

Where can I buy participating products?

The participating Australian retailers are:

    • Harvey Norman/Joyce Mayne/Domayne
    • The Good Guys
    • JB Hi-Fi
    • Officeworks
    • Bing Lee

I have purchased more than one participating product?

On the ‘Purchase Details’ section of the claim form, please ensure you select ‘+ Add Another Eligible Purchase’ and continue to select the Brand and Product fields for each additional purchase you have on your receipt. You will receive your cashback for the total cumulative eligible value of the products you are claiming. 

If you have purchased more than one of the same eligible products, please be sure to enter on separate lines using the ‘+Add Another Eligible Purchase’ function.

If you have purchased multiple products across separate receipts, please enter as separate claims. You will only be able to upload 1 x copy of your receipt. Up to 3 (maximum) participating products can be claimed per person within same or separate claims during the campaign period.

How will my receipt be validated?

You will be asked to supply a copy of your purchase receipt while completing the online entry form by scanning or taking a photo of the receipt and uploading as an attachment onto the web page. In order for your entry to be validated, all submitted invoices must include: the store of purchase, product purchase (which must be a participating product), the date of purchase (which must be during the Promotion Purchase Period before you submit your entry) and legible.

Should I keep the product’s packaging?

No, you are not required to keep the product’s packaging however you will need to retain the original proof of purchase.

How many times can I enter?

Each qualifying device purchase is eligible for only one (1) offer, you can claim up to 3 x participating products per person. Please see I have purchased more than one participating product? question for instruction on how to process in your claim.

How will my cashback be rewarded?

Every valid claim received will be awarded a cash back in the form of a Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mobile Mastercard®. The Promoter will award claimants $30 for those who purchased an Intel Evo laptop, powered by Core i5 and $50 for those who purchased an Intel Evo laptop, powered by Core i7. Cashback will be awarded within seven (7) business days of successful verification.

How does a prepaid digital Mastercard work?

Vault Payments will deliver a pre-paid digital Mastercard to your mobile phone. Once you have followed the steps to activate, you can make purchases in-store using the mobile’s “tap and go” function as well as online.

How do I activate my Digital Prepaid Mastercard?

Within seven (7) business days of successful verification, you will have received an SMS from ‘Intel’ with an activation link. Your unique activation code will need to be used within 2 months of the SMS original send date. This will be noted in the SMS you receive. 

Click on the link in the text message and you’ll be directed to your device’s app store to install the Vault Payments application.

Click the option to install and then open the Vault Payments app and enter your mobile number and activation code that was provided in the SMS. You may be asked for additional information to confirm your identity.

When prompted, read and accept the Vault Payments Terms & Conditions.

You’ll then see your Digital Prepaid Mastercard in the app, and you’re ready to add it to your device wallet

For more assistance, see here

Where can I use the Digital Prepaid Mastercard?

You can use your card in-store at contactless point of sale terminals (look for the Contactless, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay logo), or you can use your card online.

How can I use my Digital Prepaid Mastercard online?

Just like paying with a credit or debit card, you’ll just need your card number, expiry date and CVC number.

In the Vault Payments app, tap the card once to view your card number and expiry date.

Tap twice to see the CVC number.

Complete your purchase online per normal.

Checkout and select ‘credit card’ as the payment type.

Enter the card details and input your name as the cardholder.

Who can I contact if I have a question about the Digital Prepaid Mastercard?

Please complete the contact us form here.

Where are the terms and conditions?

You can find these here.

Is there anyone I can contact about the promotion for any more questions?

You can ‘Contact Us’ here.